SIGMA CALCUL SASU is a company dedicated to technical calculations and expertise related to industrial engineering disciplines.

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Sigma Calcul company

SIGMA CALCUL SASU offers its engineering services based on the experience of its founder since 1999. Our objective is to support our clients on subjects of expertise. With each project, we make sure not to exceed the imposed budget while providing optimal work to our clients to meet their needs.

We operate in 3 related fields of activity:
The design office activity specializing in technical calculations and industrial expertise.
Design and the animation of training course dedicated to industrial piping and support.
Technical assistance.

Sigma Calcul

The Services that we offer



We perform all technical calculations, from the simplest (According to regulatory codes) to the most complex. An important part of our activity is also devoted to the expertise of incidents, accidents and dysfunctions of industrial piping networks.



Taking into account its experience SIGMA CALCUL has developed expert methods which allow it not only to remedy incidents or accidents experienced but also to seek the potential for failure of an industrial installation and thus allow an intervention that will eliminate the risk involved.



SIGMA CALCUL organizes training on the calculation of flexibility and support. They are open to different profiles: business managers, engineers, technicians, managers, etc.
They are organized in Martigues by session of 10 trainees maximum.

Our different methods of calculations

Calculation of piping and support

SIGMA CALCULATION uses the most modern numerical simulation methods which integrate all the parameters useful in the search for the optimum.


Calculation of the flexibility of steel and composite pipes

SIGMA CALCULATION deals with calculations from the simplest to the most complex, whether it concerns the classic steam piping of an industrial installation or the large classified networks of a nuclear power plant.

Calculation of composite pipes

SIGMA CALCULATION has good experience in the calculation of thermoplastic (PVC, PPH, PE…) and composite (shrink-wrapped PVC, resin + glass by winding…) piping.

Study of Onshore and Offshore PIPELINES

We also carry out all studies of buried, overhead and submerged piping.
The overall study concerns the entire route, taking into account the environment such as the nature of the soil and specific conditions such as earthquakes, landslides, etc.

Calculation of supports

SIGMA CALCULATION designs and checks your special media according to traditional RDM rules or according to codes such as Eurocodes, volume H of RCC-M (or even CODETI, AISC, EN13480-3, etc.)

Calculation of boiler-made devices

Calculations relate to all code compliant components such as:
• Cylindrical or conical shells
• Domed, elliptical, flat, GRC ...
• Tubing and their opening
• Flanged assemblies
• Tubular plates

Discover our methods of calculations

Determination of the Risk category according to the DESP – DESP-68-UE_V1

Our missions expertise

Preventive expertise

It is an a priori investigation of the industrial installation in order to highlight the sensitive elements whose failure would have a significant consequence on safety and / or production.
Preventive expertise should be considered an important component of maintenance.

Corrective expertise

It intervenes following an incident or accident which had significant consequences on safety, the environment, production and profitability.
These investigations must be rapid in the provision of a solution, either conservative or definitive depending on the importance of the disaster.

Defensive expertise

It contributes to the defense of our client during a claim. We are developing a detailed technical file with the possible popularization that will allow lawyers to establish their “DIRES” for the opposing parties and legal experts who will issue their “CONCLUSION”.


SIGMA CALCULATION organizes training on the calculation of flexibility and support. They are open to different profiles: business managers, engineers, technicians, managers, etc.
They are organized in Martigues by session of 10 trainees maximum. This makes it easier to establish contact and to work in good conditions, to take the time with each trainee to discuss various points.
Depending on demand, we also organize in-company training.


• Brief reminders of the resistance of materials suitable for piping
• Properties of the materials used for the pipes
• The various stresses on piping networks and their effects


• Conduct of a flexibility study of a piping network
• Comparative influence of the different parameters involved in flexibility
• Method to be adopted allowing to arrive at the best route according to technical and economic criteria
• Use of software specific to the study of pipe flexibility
• Application exercises


• The different types of expansion compensators and their use (background effects, criteria for proper installation, errors to avoid)


• The objectives of the support;
• Standard media and their use;
• How to achieve the objectives set;
• Constructive provisions;
• Spring supports, principle, justification, choice;
• How to tend towards optimum support?
• Application exercises.


• Spring supports and their adjustments;
• Pipe vibrations: causes, danger, solutions;
• The particularities of calculation under earthquake (static and dynamic analysis);
• Supports adapted to the pipes connected to rotating machines (pumps, turbines, compressors), the risks of poor support;
• Friction on the supports and the associated risks.


• Modeling of supports;
• Torsors resulting from the calculation of flexibility and application of loads;
• Allowable constraints;
• Buckling verification;
• Results analysis.


• Review of the important chapters of the French codes CODETI and EN and by extension RCCM, ASME…

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